Meet The Author

It’s hard to say when my writing journey began. Since I was a child I’ve created poems and short stories and novels, choosing to live within my imagination rather than our so-called real world. Magic and mystery, folklore and fantasy, all call to me as I write.

I wasn’t a child who lived with her feet on the ground. With my best friend, I ran from the Screamers who wanted to eat my brains and paddled out into the canal to escape the zombies. With my little brother, I taunted the lava monster who lived beneath the bed and became that monster myself when I got too close. My dreams were of one day becoming a vampire or Caribbean pirate, and even of marrying Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Sadly, such things never happened. Instead, I found fulfillment of my fantasies in the written word. I began with short stories, which back then I thought were true masterpieces and have since come to realize people were only humoring me (looking at you, Mom). But through it all, writing remained my passion.

That passion led to my first novel, The Helping Hands, which is and always will be my baby. Since then I have written many more novels, some general fiction, some fantasy, and all an expression of my hopes, dreams, and desires. Writing has opened up entirely new worlds for me that I never thought possible for myself, and allowed me to do things I never imagined having the courage to do. Teaching, speaking in front of thousands of people, putting my heart and soul out for the entire world to judge – it’s a daunting task for sure, but also extremely rewarding.

I’ve always believed that an author’s identity can only truly be known through his or her writings. My main characters may be that form of self-expression. I like to speak my mind no matter the consequences. I’m sarcastic and quiet, as bad a talker as I am a listener. Impatience and frustration come quickly to me, but there is nothing better in the world to cheer me up than a good book or movie. Those who know me best would tell you I am weird and eccentric, the girl who talks to herself, who is proud of her Cherokee heritage, who sticks up for family. I have a short attention span and get bored easily, but writing is what keeps me sane and stable. It is what calms me, excites me, gets me through each day.

Living in a world such as ours is very limiting to me. We are not surrounded by Rivendale elves and luck dragons do not carry us off to the Ivory Tower. If I cannot see these things in real life, then at least I can experience them through my writings, and so I do. I battle the Raven-Eater and rule the Land of the Dead, outwit the cops to rescue abused children, fight my way out of a kidnapper’s prison. Story by story I take a new journey of the inner mind, where imagination turns inward on the soul.

Perhaps, one day, you too will join the adventure.