6 Great Sci-Fi And Horror Books Set in The 80’s

6 Great Sci-Fi And Horror Books Set in The 80’s

For anyone who is a fan of the 80’s vibe, the wild hairdos, and bulky smartphones then here are a few books that are really going to take you back in time while also giving you a highly engrossing story.

The Sacrifice Box By Martin Stewart

The story revolves around 5 friends who discovered an odd looking stone box while walking around in the woods in 1982, they all decide to leave something important in the box and set three rules that absolutely must be followed: do not ever visit the box all on your own, never try to take back hat you put in it, and never open it after the sun goes down. 4 years after 1982, the 5 friends begin running into terrifying and odd events, a clear indicator that one of them broke the rules, and all of them are going to be punished for it.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism By Grady Hendrix

This novel’s story follows two childhood best friends: Gretchen and Abbie, both of whom have been inseparable, up till now. As both of the girls begin going to high school, one of them realises that the other is beginning to change, and not in a normal way. We get to see just how far is one friend willing to go to keep their friendship intact, even when faced by demonic forces.

Giving Up The Ghost By Eric Nuzum

This book is more of a memoir than a novel, however, it has a number of elements in it that make it a very interesting read. You get to go through stories about teenage madness, otherworldly forces, and plenty of eighties rock, all of which comes together to spin a coming of age story like you have never read before.

Scowler By Daniel Kraus

This horror novel has had the honour of being compared with the works of Dean Knootz and Stephen King, it starts off with a meteor crashing close to a family farm and bringing a downright terrifying man along with it. The novel’s YA rating is quite misleading as it has more than enough elements to freak out even the most staunchest adult horror readers.

The United States of Japan By Peter Tieryas

Sci-fi books that take an alternative approach to reality are always fun to read, this novel gives us a look at what the USA would have been like if the Japanese had dominated in World War 2. Set in the eighties, it creates an alternative reality in which almost everyone loves the Japanese emperor’s rule over the USA, expect for a rebelling party that dares to go against the winners.

Ready Player One By Earnest Cline

While Ready Player One is not set in the eighties, the novel is loaded with all kinds of eighties references that really give it an 80’s vibe without even having to be set in that time period. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to get the best of both worlds.