3 Great Fantasy Reads For Children

3 Great Fantasy Reads For Children

Kids nowadays are really drifting away from reading, a once fun pastime that let kids really explore their imagination and keep their brains active. Instead, children prefer to play video games or stick to their smartphones, a part of this problem is that many parents do not know a lot about book series. This prevents them from being able to pick interesting books for their kids from an early age and draw them towards book reading before they become too absorbed in technology.

Picking a book series is no easy task, especially if you are exploring the fantasy side of reading, there are tons of series with numerous parts that not only make the process if picking an interesting book hard, but also makes getting into a series a very high commitment thing. If you want to explore fantasy novels with your kids without having to commit yourself to one storyline then here are a few books that you should definitely check out.

A Wrinkle in Time

There are a number of books that follow the adventures of Meg Murry, a fictional character who most people know from The Golden Compass, a superb book that even got a film adaptation. What makes the whole series so great is that while it follows similar characters, it does not require one to read every part in the series to enjoy it. A Wrinkle in time is a compact and fun addition to this series that your kids can enjoy without having any knowledge about the series as a whole.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban

Many people might think of it as sacrilegious to even think of reading the Harry Potter series in a non-linear fashion. However, the third instalment in the series has enough isolated plot points in it to make it a worthy solo read, in fact many people consider it to be the best structured book in Rowling’s entire series. Which means that it can be a great read for any kid that wants to get a taste of what the Harry Potter series is all about without having to put up with the repetition that is common in the series’ first two parts, and since many of the questions presented in this part get answered at the book’s end, it does not leave any loose ends.

Prince Caspian From The Chronicles of Narnia

This book was written as a direct sequel of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and it is perhaps one of the best books in this critically acclaimed series in terms of introducing the reader to the rich world of Narnia. Instead of focusing on one aspect of Narnia and easing the reader into the plot, Prince Caspian just throws the reader right into the middle of everything and sets them off on a mature adventure that brings out the best of the entire fantasy genre and really lets one appreciate C.S Lewin’s masterpiece of a fantasy world.